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25.1.12 23:24
I had lots of fun and input in creating nice logical puzzles.
Well I'm gonna stop with that.
Some wizard that checks the puzzles here, finds it necessary to make changes to the original puzzle you sent in.
Not just once, but often.
So why bother to make perfect sense to a puzzle and find it changed here? No more.
Greetings. ttmm, holland

RE: create-stop
26.1.12 13:49 jako reakce na ttmm.
I am one of those "wizards" who checks the puzzles. As far as I can say, the only change we did with your puzzles is to trim them (remove empty lines around the image). Other than that, I don't remember changing anything.
Trimming is one of our rules in creating. In your case this rule is strict because most of your puzzles have very long clue lines. Each and every pixel can make the difference for the solvers.
If anything else happened, please let us know. I can instruct the other "wizards" to be careful with your puzzles and not publish them if there's a mistake.
Above all, please tell us when something bothers you. We are here to assist, not to upset.

RE: create-stop
7.4.13 20:04 jako reakce na hagitm.
Trimming must be a newer rule.  There are hundreds out there with blank lines on the edges already.  Also multiples of 5 must be a new rule.  I submitted one with a blank line on the edge---omitting it would have made it 24x25 so I left it.  It got trimmed and some extra grids got added in editing to make it back to 25x25.   Won't happen again. 

RE: create-stop
12.6.13 1:42 jako reakce na nancynga.
OK guys, I'm going to apologize to the editors for my rather sarcastic words above.emoticon  They have been really nice.  Guess I was in a crabby mood and it was my very first puzzle submitting experience.  I love this website!

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