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Registered - Logged In - Still cannot save puzzles

I registered, am signed in, allowed the cookies - what else do I need to do so that I can save puzzles ?
Thanks in advance.
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RE: Registered - Logged In - Still cannot save puzzles
29.6.12 11:09 jako reakce na karenak ..
Hi Karenak,
As a free user, you can save 2 puzzles. You can find those under the tab 'saved puzzles' when you have the list with Griddlers open.
If you make a donation to the site, you become a subscriber and can save 50 Griddlers and 50 Triddlers. There are more advantages too: you can sort on solved/unsolved and use iGridd to solve puzzles, which has a lot of nice option. You can read more about this here and subscribe here.

Have fun solving,

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