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How long does it take to get puzzles approved?

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I submitted some puzzles for the first time on Monday and I'm wondering how long it will take to see them in the list. Because they're my first puzzles, I'm not even sure they will be approved. How does it work? Will I get an email saying they're published or rejected?

Thanks in advance!

RE: How long does it take to get puzzles approved?
19.7.12 6:14 jako reakce na catwag.
Usually it takes a couple of days, but yours are not approved yet for two reasons:

1. We are bombarded with new puzzles. There are a lot of puzzles that we need to review before looking into yours.

2. Your puzzles need to work on because they are too messy.
Go to the Guidelines and look at the paragraph Clearness. All your puzzles "suffer" from the same problem. Since we are bombarded, as I wrote above, it may take more time than usual before the puzzles will be online. Moreover, I can't promise you that all the puzzles will be online. We will decide after trying/fixing them.

You won't get an email, but if you visit My Statistics page (go via the menu to: My Account --> My Statistics) you'll see that the puzzles disappeared from the publisher's list. They will be in "You have created ### Griddlers (or triddlers) that score ### points". If you click on the SHOW link at the end of the "You have created…" line, you'll get statistics concerning your puzzles.


RE: How long does it take to get puzzles approved?
19.7.12 6:35 jako reakce na hagitm.
Thank you.

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