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New from South Africa
11-10-07 09:26
Hi there, not too sure how many African members you have, but I am a huge fan of this site. The only thing that excites me more is music....specially "The White Stripes'. Anyway, I have just got into creating my own puzzles, I am an artist and would love to hear if you would like some more African Themes, birds, animals, flora etc from South Africa, please let me know....thanx! (and some White Stripes news of course!)


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Re: New from South Africa
11-10-07 16:42 as a reply to skybreezes.
Hi Skybreezes,

Welcome to the site! I have no idea how many African users we have, but you could have a look on the map to check them out. Not everyone adds their dot in there though, so there might be many more.

I moved this message to the Puzzle and Theme Ideas, so people can tell you about their African dreams. We would also love it if you would like to share more about yourself, we have some nice topics in the Community forums, like All about You and Personal Events and Stories.

Have fun solving!


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