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Revisit Holiday countdown

Revisit Holiday countdown
19-10-07 21:20
Wiggles did two very nice holiday countdowns 4 years back that many of the new members may not be aware of.

Halloween Countdown: __ Days to Go!
Santa Arrives in __ More Days!

Both are hidden gems that could be mentioned in the news yearly prior to the holidays they each exhibit.

I know I would love to see more of these countdown, but it is an amazing amount of work for one author to undertake. I wonder if a collaboration of authors would have any interest in doing such a project. I think the mixture of styles along with a common theme would be be pretty amazing.

Makes me think of the Weeds theme song, Link 1 and Link 2.
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Re: Revisit Holiday countdown
19-10-07 23:29 som svar til sleepy.
Back then, in wiggles times, we didn't have the themes. Nowadays, when we have holidays there is always a Happy Holiday Greeting in the news and links to the relevant themes in the news message itself. This way the authors can work according to their muse and be spotlighted when the time is right. It works the other way as well. If a solver likes to have Halloween puzzles in Christmas Eve they can select the puzzles through the Themes. :-)

I like your idea, but it needs a rethinking. :scratch: What do you really expect to find every day from, say, next week till October 31st? I can tell you that we already have Halloween puzzles waiting in Publisher, done by various authors. If we title those puzzles "10/9/8... days to Halloween" it is just a cosmetic action. :confused2:

If your goal is to encourage authors to create puzzles for holidays - I'll join your call. :director:

BTW, if you want to be sure that a "pumpkin" puzzle belongs to Halloween and not to The Plant Kingdom - look at the top of the puzzle page (or Detail Panel) and read the theme.

Hagit 8)
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Re: Revisit Holiday countdown
22-10-07 19:39 som svar til sleepy.
I think the 'advent calendar' effect ties the puzzles together closer than themes can. They stick out in my mind because of that, probably a throwback to childhood and being an american christian.

For puzzles, we are very much at the whim of our fantastic authors, I was only trying to suggesting an idea for them to accept or reject. Sometimes all you need is a goal to inspire you and I was hoping to catch some authors looking for an idea.

I understand it is a lot of work, I'm amazed that wiggles did it all by herself. Interested authors should take a look at her puzzles. Many are small, many are big, some are color, some are black and white.

Logistically, the 'advent calendar' release with multiple authors could be a nightmare. I guess you would need one or two really interested authors to organize/assign dates to the rest of the interested parties.

IF there is enough (author) interest, you could even make a Countdown theme to bunch the puzzles together under the Holiday category.
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