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Tricky Triddlers Please

Tricky Triddlers Please
21-12-07 02:30
I am still way bummed because there will be no new Cities of Slovakia. They are my favorite Triddlers, and are especially good when one is sick and miserable.

Many thanks to GICeasar and Koko for the many tricky triddlers. But I save and savor them because there are so relatively few! (I'm even learning to appreciate Koko's background squiggles, which are my least favorite part.) Thanks to all the other triddler authors who give us something different to solve.

But please, authors, won't you consider making more triddlers? Triddler solving is more tedious because the tools aren't as advanced, but they are so very much fun.

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Re: Tricky Triddlers Please
21-12-07 02:59 som svar til JC.
I meant to say COLORFUL tricky triddlers. emoticon

I'm not so fond of all black, or 5 red pieces and all black emoticon


Thank-you ;)
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