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sort by completed
28-06-09 18:02
Why is it if you select puzzles using themes you can sort by completed but not regular puzzles? Why is it that folks who worked hard to create a puzzle sometimes get rejected when there are so many published puzzles with extremely low points and ratings? Why is it that there is a kiddlers category in sort by, but if you select another category , kiddlers are included in the results? Why is it puzzles with no points get published? Why is it that certain authors get puzzles published constantly while others struggle (I was one who kept getting rejected and gave up trying)? Why is it after (I have been a member for 5 years) has not this outstanding puzzle site grown. For example, if 5 years ago I told a friend about the site who joined and he/she told a friend etc. the site would have grown enormously. Folks I told about the site liked the puzzles but did not like the idea that every word they wrote was "pre-edited". Understand if someone uses bad language or other offensive stuff, but the editors here read every word prior to being posted, it is like being in a country ruled by communists. I have been "threatened" to be banned from the site for saying anything the editor didn't like--no matter how innocent the comment was.

RE: sort by completed
09-08-09 19:58 as a reply to lioness999999.
Interesting not one person replied to my post.

RE: sort by completed
18-09-09 13:58 as a reply to lioness999999.
. How is it that not one person has a comment about my comment? Can someone at least answer why you can sort by "completed" if you go to themes but not by regular griddlers? Can someone at least explain why there are puzzles here with "zero" value?

RE: sort by completed
18-09-09 14:22 as a reply to lioness999999.
I think no one answered before because there were just too many things mentioned in your first post. Usually if you have something to say/ask in a forum it's best to limit it to one or two topics per post.

As for the two questions you mention now, the easy answer is "I don't know". Be happy that sorting by completed is still possible in a way for people that have not subscribed. It might have to do with the fact that not too many people use the site this way, so that the strain on the server is limited.

As for zero point puzzles, I suppose the program that runs through them to calculate the solvability and points reaches the solution before the first round of going through all clues has been finished.


RE: sort by completed
25-09-09 17:08 as a reply to Jeltje.
Thanks for reply Jelte, however, I think a reply should have come from one of the "leaders" here like Chefmonster and Hagit. As stated, when I tried to submit a puzzle, it would be rejected because it "did not meet standards". So zero value meets standards? Is thier a "double standard" here?

RE: sort by completed
25-09-09 20:20 as a reply to lioness999999.
Recently we created a new and very detailed Guideline page. We mention "points" in one paragraph - Image Quality (under MultiGriddlers) to give the users a way to value the size of the image.

Points have nothing to do with the quality of the puzzle. Here are some 0 point puzzles with high popularity:
41515 - Jitterbug
52954 - Bookshelf
38479 - Star of David
57254 - First Dance
36257 - Mother


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