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Win a free trip to Estonia!

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Win a free trip to Estonia!
06-05-11 14:08
Is anyone interested in winning a free trip to Estonia?
This quiz is meant to introduce Estonia to citizens of other countries and it's organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia.

•All prizes will be drawn from those entries in which all 12 questions have been answered correctly.
•When you have answered all 12 questions, you will be informed as to how many you answered correctly, but not which ones. This will give you a chance to change your answers before entering the drawing.
•To ensure that all participants in the drawing have an equal chance to win, you may enter the drawing only once.

Make sure to read rest of the rules, just in case.
There are also Useful Links to help you finding the right answers.
The final date and time for submitting your answers is 31 May 2011 at 23:59 pm (GMT+3).


Even if you don't win, you will (hopefully) know a little bit more about my little country than you did before taking this quiz.
Good luck!

RE: Win a free trip to Estonia!
11-05-11 03:01 as a reply to Jenny84.
If I answer all 12 questions correctly will you explain what this has to do with griddlers?

RE: Win a free trip to Estonia!
11-05-11 08:06 as a reply to mudshark.
Dear Mudshark. It has actually nothing to do with griddlers. That's why it is posted under "World Events".

RE: Win a free trip to Estonia!
12-05-11 01:08 as a reply to Jenny84.
Sorry Jenny, my bad. It just looked like spam to me, and I didn't realize there was a "World Events" category, even though I posted to it! :?

RE: Win a free trip to Estonia!
07-06-11 15:03 as a reply to Jenny84.
If anyone's interested, you can see the names of the winners and also the right answers now. Same link as in my first post.

Ps. In case any of the moderators finds this thread to be spam, you have my permission to delete it.

RE: Win a free trip to Estonia!
07-06-11 15:25 as a reply to Jenny84.
Hi Jenny,

When I read your original post the first time I wondered just like Mudshark for a moment what this had to do with Griddlers. But when I noticed it came from you, an active user in the site wishing to share information about the country you live in, it was reason enough not to delete it.

Thanks for giving us feedback about the winners!


RE: Win a free trip to Estonia!
07-06-11 16:40 as a reply to Jeltje.
Thank you, Jelga, for explaining. When I first posted this, I had no idea, my desire to introduce my country to the world will cause such confusion. I'm sorry for all this.

PS. There will (at least should) be another quiz next year around the same time. Mark your calendar.

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