For the Kids

She is 6.5 years old and she griddles. Unbelievable, yet true!

Her name is Shany, nickname - shany6, the youngest solver in Griddlers.

At first she just watched her mother solving. Shany was attracted by the empty grid filled in with squares, formed into a shape to a final picture. Then she helped her mother to complete the last squares in an almost solved puzzle.

The next step happened naturally: she captured the logic and started to solve by herself.

Shany likes the colorful puzzles. Voting is taken seriously by her, Shany stricly votes for each puzzle. The biggest griddler she solved is 10x10, but she has been solving for only a few days. We bet she would tackle larger puzzles.
Welcome to our community, Shany.
Well Done! (Kol Hakavod!)
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