For the Kids

A letter to our kids... (Moms, you can peek)... :-)

Many of you are going to celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday (May 9th). This year you can give your mom a special gift - a griddler, drawn by you and titled "privately", like:

For my dear / wonderful / great / fabulous / marvelous / splendid / superb mother .

It doesn't have to be a big griddler. A small one will make her happy.
It doesn't have to be a heart or a flower. If you know she'd love to have a vacation you can draw a car or an airplane.
If you choose to draw a heart, please make it special because we already have hearts in the site and we can't have duplicates.

A note to the moms:
You can help your kids to create the puzzles. You can also make a Mother's Day puzzle dedicated to YOUR mothers.
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