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How Kiddlers Become Identified

How Kiddlers Become Identified
30-07-05 19:04
I'm a member of the Kiddlers Team. There 6 of us altogether. This is how the process works.

1. Hagitm publishes the puzzle on the website.
2. After at least 25 users have solved the puzzles, the griddlers that take 7 minutes or less show up on a list visible only to Kiddlers Team members.
3. The Team members vote on the puzzles.

These are the rules for our voting:

Puzzles will not be added or rejected until one of the following happens.
3 votes of Challenged = Puzzle is IN marked as challenge
2 votes of Challenged + 1 vote of Yes = Puzzle is IN marked as challenge
1 vote of Challenged + 2 votes of Yes = Puzzle is IN marked as normal kiddler

3 votes of Yes = Puzzle is IN marked as normal kiddler
3 votes of No = Puzzle is NOT marked as kiddler

As soon as any one of the above happens, the puzzle is no longer available for voting

Once the voting is complete, the puzzle is automatically marked as Kiddler.

So you see, you are helping us! If the puzzle isn't yet marked a Kiddler, you're helping to move it to our voting queue by solving it!

Thanks for your interest!
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