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Calling All Kiddlers!

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Calling All Kiddlers!
21-05-06 23:46
We've had several requests from our teen and pre-teen solvers for names of users who wish to chat and message with other young solvers.

:hello: :occasion7: :hello:

If you'd like to find some griddler friends your age, leave a post here and let other teens know who you are! Check back here later to find some names you can contact too!

:thumbleft: :occasion9: :thumbright:

Re: Calling All Kiddlers!
28-05-06 20:49 as a reply to chefmomster2.
Hi this is Keke! I am 11 years old and I really want some friends around my age! (The best ages would be 8-13 or 14 years old!) Please send a message to me on Griddlers. Thanks!! emoticon

Re: Calling All Kiddlers!
24-07-09 14:52 as a reply to Keke.
Hi, I'm 14 years old girl from Finland. and I woud like to speak with someone =)
I will be very happy, if someone answers to me =D

And Keke, please answer, if you are here anymore... =)

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