At Last! :-)
17-01-07 20:04
What we solvers have been waiting for had become to see the light. The new iGrid applet is a perfect thing. Though it looks so professionally, it is maximally user friendly and easy to use, and what is most important, the creators have implemented many of the suggestions of the solvers to make it even better to work with.

I have tested it today on solving a triddler. I appreciate very much, that the color of the puzzle board can be changed - we all remember how difficult it was to solve a triddler which used the same shade of gray color as the old puzzle board was. The small white points was almost no improvement, since white color is difficult to see on light gray background.

Now, if I can, I would add a few more suggestions, if I made them already earlier, please forgive an old man his tendency to forget things emoticon

- clue number colors and clue background

Actually, I don't know if this has or has not been implemented, I did not see it on the Mandrill triddler that I solved today. In the old applet, it often happened, that there were wrong combinations of color clues, like white on pale green, etc. etc. - this is very hard to see - can this be avoided?

- pause button

I'm sure many solvers miss the pause button from the griddlers solver. Can this be implemented?

- personal statistics

I miss the personal graphical statistics - both of the author and solver. Could they be implemented, but not in the form they were before, not a histogram, rather a normal column chart...

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