iGridd Applet - Suggestion Box

iGridd Applet - Suggestion Box

iGridd Applet - Suggestion Box
28-01-07 00:44
If you have an idea to make the iGridd applet even better, please tell us about it in this forum. The best way to do it is as follows:

(-) Check the suggestions that are already in this forum. If you find that the topic is already here, reply to that post adding your own opinion.

(-) If it’s not in the this forum, create a new topic. Give it a clear title, so it will be easy for others to identify. ‘Ideas for the new Applet’ is far too general, but ‘Sorting by Authors in Themes‘ will be easy to understand.

(-) Mention only one new suggestion in each topic. It is easier to follow the ideas and opinions on the items if they are separated.

From time to time we will review your suggestions and consider their cost and value according to the site's and the user's resources. Then we will collect the suggestions we approved and put them to a vote. Each item will have a Poll. You can express your desire to have it by voting "Yes" or "No". Suggestions that will get the highest number of "Yes" votes will be implemented first.

Note that if you want to promote a suggestion it's best to vote "Yes" for this one and "No" for the rest. To put it simply, if all the suggestions have the same number of "Yes" votes, we won't know what you really want to have in the iGridd Applet.

New Polls will be generated frequently with new, old and previously polled suggestions.
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