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Undo for Griddler Solvers
21-11-12 12:34
Sometimes I have a good start on solving a griddler and get stuck.  If I make a guess and continue from that point, I might find that I have completely ruined the puzzle.  When that happens, I would like to be able to undo back to the point when I was sure I had everything right.  Then I wouldn't have to quit and start over.

RE: Undo for Griddler Solvers
21-11-12 21:37 as a reply to popkin.
Undo is already implemented in the puzzle's solver (Backspace - undo 1 to 1000 steps back) along with a lot more tools to make solving easier. Go to How to Use page and explore the extra tools of solving.

RE: Undo for Griddler Solvers
22-11-12 19:35 as a reply to popkin.
I tend to save before starting a part based on some guess. Then it's just a case of loading the saved puzzle when I mess sth up.

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