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Java Applet does not start

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Java Applet does not start
04.02.13 02:50
I am running Windows 7 and was prompted today to install Java 7.13.  Since then, the applet does not open when I click solve.  I have tried using the 'old' version, and same result - my window just does nothing.  I have disabled pop-up blocker, added griddlers to trusted sites in both windows and my anti-virus (Norton), uninstalled all versions of Java and reinstalled the latest option; but it still will not work.

RE: Java Applet does not start
04.02.13 04:52 als Antwort auf becklenay.
UPDATE:  It seems the issue was a problem with Norton not recognizing the fix in Java.  They just notified me of an update, and after installing - the applets worked again.

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