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Spike from Buffy #94385

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Spike from Buffy #94385
14.11.12 00:55
I can't for the life of me figure out what's wrong with this one. as you can see, there's only 2 rows that aren't finished, but all the columns are right? I always have trouble with the ones that have little blobs of squares together floating in the middle of nothing emoticon


thank you!!

RE: Spike from Buffy #94385
14.11.12 08:07 als Antwort auf Busta.
I put 3 areas in red, move one of those up, and 2 of those down, that should do the trick emoticon


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RE: Spike from Buffy #94385
15.11.12 01:02 als Antwort auf dreamtheater.
ahh fantastic! thank you!!

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