Do you Support a Browser for OS 10.3.9?

I've recently written about Firefox, in which the Save button doesn't always work. I can't use FF 3.
I tried Safari, but it quits unexpectedly.
I tried Micro Explorer 5.2.3 for Mac. Strange - the menu that begins Home...MyAccount.... is about an inch lower than it should be, and hides some other menu options; the right mouse button doesn't do anything, which makes it virtually unusable.

What do you positively support for Mac OS 10.3.9?
Thanks. BB
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RE: Do you Support a Browser for OS 10.3.9?
03/06/09 21:32 as a reply to Bruce E Burnham.

I am a Mac user and am on OS 10.5.6 right now (I started out where you are). I have been using my Mac and the Griddler site for a year now. I use Safari. The only problem I still have is with triddlers. The font for the numbers is too big, and I can't solve large puzzles as a result. I have found no work around for this.

I had a problem with the iGridd Applet early on that was solved by emptying the cache, deleting and then reloading the applet. Other than that, I have had no problems with the iGridd Applet so if you are not an applet user, perhaps you should subscribe. It is a very small annual amount for a good product. It is true that you still have to return to the website to get into the forum, but that is a small price to pay.

I don't know why you are experiencing problems with the website as we seem to have identical systems and browsers, and my system works fine. I will check with my husband this evening to see if he has any suggestions as he's a real pro. May take two weeks to get back to you as you caught me the night before my vacation.

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RE: Do you Support a Browser for OS 10.3.9?
05/06/09 18:27 as a reply to Marian McMichael.
Hi Bug
Welcome back from vacation.
My Safari is 1.3.2 which is as high as I can go on 10.3.9. I don't know why it quits unexpectedly.
Firefox works okay. Often it takes 30 seconds or more to get to another page. That must be Griddlers slowness, as I have a low speed DSL.
I do have a subscription. I don't care for triddlers.
I haven't tried iGrid or can't remember if I did and it didn't work. I'll try again with your advice.

The major problem I have with Firefox is that if I want to save a puzzle, the little Save window does not always complete its task. It stays forever, it won't quit when I click its red button, and I have to force quit FF and start over. I now make a picture of my puzzle as a precaution.

Thanks for your help. Bruce B
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RE: Do you Support a Browser for OS 10.3.9?
28/06/09 01:52 as a reply to Bruce E Burnham.

I did check with my techie husband. His only comments were: Have you applied all the available patches for OS 10.3 that you can? Are you on a Mac that you can upgrade to a newer release of OS 10? Probably the issue is that Apple isn't continuing to provide patches for your version of the operating system. Soooo sorry.

Marian (bugfuz)
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