Safari 1.1

Safari 1.1
12/08/10 14:26
I just downloaded the new Safari 1.1. Am using OS10.4.11
My IGridd will not open.
Help please.
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RE: Safari 1.1
12/08/10 17:30 as a reply to Bruce E Burnham.
are you sure with the version 1.1 , there is available version 5.0.1 on apple site.
Anyway, after installation of new new browser you can have corrupted plugin configuration. There should be a Java plugin installed. In my plugin configuration I can see section name: Java Plug-In 2 for NPAPI Browsers — from file “JavaPlugin2_NPAPI.plugin” and list java versions for Macosx. Try to uninstall / install java through system configuration.

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