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100 K or 100 M?
17/01/11 18:47
I just had a look at the stats on the homepage and noticed two nice numbers are coming up. Soon there will be 100.000 Griddlers in the site. And maybe even sooner there will be 100.000.000 solved Griddlers. Which one will be there first, what do you think? And when will it happen?

It used to take months to solve a million puzzles, how fast will this happen now?

Have fun solving, Jelga

RE: 100 K or 100 M?
23/01/11 17:03 as a reply to Jeltje.
I am placing my bet, that 100 000 will be first and that will happen on 1st of Feb. (Unless Hagit decides to release 4 100-part multis tomorrow!)
As for the other round number, I think it will take at least a month to reach and since "5" was a very popular number on the other thread, I will say 5th of March.

RE: 100 K or 100 M?
26/01/11 22:01 as a reply to Jeltje.
"K" and "M" both mean one thousand - but I get what you're saying

RE: 100 K or 100 M?
27/01/11 06:46 as a reply to jarraby.
In fact K = Kilo - Thousand , M=Mega - Million.
And as you can see on grow speed of both numbers, 100K will be the first.

RE: 100 K or 100 M?
29/01/11 22:54 as a reply to Ra100.
"M" is also the Roman Numeral that stands for 1000

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