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16/03/11 13:54
como borro el historial de los puzles resueltos?

RE: puzles
19/03/11 20:53 as a reply to julo2008.
Please ask your question in English. I tried google's translator but it had no sense for me.


RE: puzles
01/04/11 01:07 as a reply to hagitm.
Hagit, I think julo2008 is asking how to delete the status of a puzzle that's been solved. In other words, to start over. Let me try (with Google's help).

Julio, si le he entendido, usted quiere resolver el puzzle de nuevo, pero con la nueva velocidad. Correcta? Si esto es cierto, entonces se puede resolver una y otra nueva velocidad serĂ¡ registrado.

RE: puzles
08/07/11 15:26 as a reply to mudshark.
para borrar el historial completo, para empezar de nuevo

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