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Where is the TAB for Griddlers complete listing ?

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Where is the TAB for Griddlers complete listing ?
all tab listing
05/12/12 23:23
I have searched for a Tab that enables to find the complete section listing of Griddlers puzzles, not separated. Currently, it have 125,392 puzzles as opposite to Triddlers which have 11,427 puzzles. The Triddlers Tab just have 'All' tab and easily accessed to whole listing of puzzles ( 11,427 ), but Griddlers doesn't have one. Where is it ?? I want the Tab 'All' to be inplanted there in the Griddlers page section. Please install it right away as I can gather the complete listing in one page. Thanks.

RE: Where is the TAB for Griddlers complete listing ?
06/12/12 08:47 as a reply to Silencebound.
unfortunately there are 100000+ puzzles in griddlers and retireve them from database, sort and filter them by criteria takes some time. It is maybe 10 seconds but if it does more users at the same time, it would kill the server.
However in iGridd applet you have available list of all puzzles and you can also instantly filter and sort the list. Of course the first load is a bit longer, but then it is really quick.

RE: Where is the TAB for Griddlers complete listing ?
secret uncovered.
19/02/13 02:08 as a reply to Ra100.
Yes, I understand and got it. By the way, I found out that there is a special way to obtain the step-by-step to gain the whole single category for picking ALL the Griddlers puzzles to be combined together similar to Triddlers fashion, secretly WITHOUT obtain an 'All' tab. I think that it's great to get that, so no more question to be asked. Thanks. Cheers.

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