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Where is the voting system in Lite page ?

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Where is the voting system in Lite page ?
where lite voting
19/02/13 02:16
I clicked the "Not Working ? Use the Lite version." tab and moved to that page with nice presentation result, but, however, there is no voting system available there. Where is it ? After solved a puzzle in that Lite page and I just has to have to click the "Use Old Applet" tab to cast my vote there. Sometime a time-wasting effect, as I'd like to avoid that way. Why not to install the Voting System icon, etc, to be installed in the Lite version page ? 

RE: Where is the voting system in Lite page ?
19/02/13 15:07 as a reply to Silencebound.
The Upgraded Lite version is very new. As the news reads - we ask the users to make suggestions. Besides the voting, is there anything else you wish to add?

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