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Chaning Triddlers colors

Chaning Triddlers colors
27/07/11 4:25
As I solve some difficult triddlers.. I see in people's comments that the easiest way to solve them was by changing the colors. Sometimes you get lots of grays that run together.

I don't know how to change the colors for triddlers. I know how for Griddlers, but not the triddlers.

I think this is the last step/hint that I need to be better.

Thanks for any help!
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RE: Chaning Triddlers colors
27/07/11 5:57 en respuesta a DazA2J ..
Double click on the colors in the upper left portion of the solving window. Once you solve and refresh the page, the puzzle should display the original colors.

I personally don't mind the "evil grey" as much because I've become accustomed to seeing the sublte change when it's placed within the application background. What I don't like, especially in the older puzzles, is when two colors are barely different and then it sometimes becomes a second guessing yourself fiasco if you don't realize what has happened.
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