iGridd Applet

WebStart = iGridd Applet without a browser!

Many of the strange phenomenon you encounter happen because of the differences between browsers. A small change in the browser's settings - and nothing works.

To avoid these problems we created WebStart. It is the iGridd Applet - fully functional - but it doesn't need a browser to start.

Click this link to download WebStart. You'll be asked if you want to have a shortcut on your desktop. Click YES. Then, every time you want to solve puzzles - double-click this icon to open WebStart.

You can use both WebStart and iGridd Applet. The system continuously stores and updates your records as well as the general data in both.

All users are welcome to try it. However, like the iGridd Applet, it is part of a subscription. If you want to save, print, get personal statistics, and have the puzzles you solve registered as solved for you a subscription is required.. If you already subscribe, you can begin right away!

Enjoy! :-)
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