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How to use Webstart

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How to use Webstart
10/01/07 17:50
Maybe I'm stupid :shock: but I really not understand how to use webstart... I see somebody afford to use it, i'm upset emoticon
In fact, when I click on the link I have the choice to open or download igridd.jnlp , so I do the choice to download.
After that, I double click on the file igridd.jnlp , and I have to choose a program to open it... I don't understand what I have to do.
Thanks in advance for your help! emoticon

Re: How to use Webstart
10/01/07 18:13 en respuesta a djaya.
Hi djaya,

The applet is supposed to open and install automatically, you should not get a question about opening or downloading at all. At which point do you get it?

For me this is what happens:
I click on the button 'download Webstart'.
The program starts running for a while, without any questions. After about a minute it is ready and asks if I want to create shortcuts for my desktop and menu. If I click on yes, it opens a login window. I can fill in my username and language and check the box to remember those. After I click on Ok, I get the iGridd applet.

After closing it, there is a new link on the desktop, called igridd. If I click on it, I get the login menu right away. It will take a little while to open the applet, but it won't ask me any questions.

At which moment did you get the question about downloading or opening? Right after you clicked the button? Or did this part work like I described and do you have the link on your desktop already when it asks you about what program to use?


Re: How to use Webstart
10/01/07 20:45 en respuesta a djaya.
Thanks jetjle!
I understand where is the problem coming from. In fact i used to surf with firefox and the ling which is giving in the news don't work with firefox.
I try to click on this link with Internet Explorer, and it's ok I have exactly the same thing than you and now I have Igridd webstart on my computer, yipi emoticon

All is right now but we can try to understand the problem now.
With firefox when I click the link in the news, Firefow ask me if I want to download or open the file which is "hide" under the link (it is named igridd.jnlp).
So after that, as I don't know how to open it, I made the choice to download it. When I am on windows I double click on the file igridd.jnlp and windows ask me which program I want to use to open this file because he doesn't know the extension *.jnlp

I hope you better understood what i was doing now. But the problem come on the first step, firefox should not try to download or open the file but just execute him. Maybe I don't have the last version of java on firefox, but I'm surprised because I never have problem with java and I only use firefox.
Maybe your link can't be open in firefox.

Thanks for your help!

Re: How to use Webstart
10/01/07 22:42 en respuesta a djaya.
I just used Firefox to download the webstart and I had no problems. I also had the box come up asking if I wanted to open it or download it and I selected open it and it executed itself. After a few minutes a new box came up asking if I wanted to make a desktop shortcut and everything else proceeded as normal.

I guess the key with Firefox is to directly open it rather than downloading it first and then windows not knowing how to execute it!

Hope this is helpful!


Re: How to use Webstart
10/01/07 22:51 en respuesta a djaya.
Thanks, both of you!

It's very helpful to have this information. And apparently even for an applet that is designed to be independent of all those different types of browsers, you still need to know which one to use to install it. emoticon

Still, once it's on your desktop, the browser doesn't matter anymore. emoticon


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