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Saved Puzzle Conversion

Saved Puzzle Conversion
12/01/07 17:18
The option to convert puzzles you have saved in the old applet to the iGridd Applet is ready!

The conversion will be done by Request Only.

Important to know:
When the puzzles are converted - the saving records in the old applet overwrite the saving records in the iGridd applet. We recommend to check if you have the same puzzle IDs saved in both applets. If you do - delete the one that is less updated.

The system will convert all your saved griddlers even if the total number is more than 50. However, once you are in the iGridd Applet you will not be able to save more puzzles. You will need to solve some of them, or delete saved records until you are below 50.

Remember to check in both lists of saving puzzles - Griddlers and MultiGriddlers. The old applet shows the saved puzzles in one list. The iGridd Applet lists them separately.

Once your saved puzzles are converted to the iGridd applet, the saved records in the old applet will remain available for only a few hours and then will be removed. Saved puzzles are remembered in only one of the applets.

Conversion of saved triddlers is not available yet.

If you want your puzzles converted for solving in the iGridd applet please contact the team either via the message box or email: team@griddlers.net.
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