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I-Gridd payment per puzzle?

I-Gridd payment per puzzle?
13/01/07 8:47
Dear Griddlers team,

I have a question about subscribing. Could there (in the future) also be a pay per puzzle subscription? I'd love to become a subscriber, but though I puzzle often, not always regularly. There are sometimes weeks when I don't puzzle. So to me it would seem a cool option if you could just pay per puzzle. Like donate 20 dollar or so and then be able to do x puzzles. (minis costing less than large?)

Best regards,
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Re: I-Gridd payment per puzzle?
20/01/07 19:04 en respuesta a Sahi.
Groups and individuals with special requirements are welcome to contact us via the email: team@griddlers.net . Together with you we will learn what you need and how to adjust the subscription for you.

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