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I can't solve triddlers

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I can't solve triddlers
4/07/03 10:53

I stil have the java error when I want to start a triddler.
I have tried everything (new java version), (in the internetoptions-advanced I checked a box)

Maybe somebody else has a new method to get it to work.

please tell me
I am getting curious and I want to solve one

xxx Sandra

Re: I can't solve triddlers
5/07/03 12:53 en respuesta a sandrijntje.
Try to download it manually.

Go to
Choose your computer/system and download the file.

If you use Internet Explorer - choose
Tools --> Internet Options.
Click on Advanced and mark the checkbox below Java (Sun)
Use Java 2 v1.4.1_02.

Re: I can't solve triddlers
6/07/03 10:53 en respuesta a sandrijntje.
My errors are gone. I downloaded netscape.

grtz Sandrijntje

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