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Europe's weather related hell...

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Europe's weather related hell...
21/12/10 22:57
Hi everyone,
I've been trying to leave Dublin for three days now to celebrate christmas with my family back in the Netherlands. This morning I arrived at 4:30 for a flight scheduled at 7. It was delayed for two hours, then we boarded the plane. Due to severe frost, the plane was already frozen before we reached the runway. The flight would not leave. Then I've spent 8 hours queuing to get my flight rescheduled. Tomorrow is my last chance to get on a flight before christmas. (I've got a backup-flight booked on the 26th..) Fortunately, due to the cancellation, I've got a nice hotel room from my airline and I can visit my favourite website.

Make me feel better and beat my story! emoticon

RE: Europe's weather related hell...
21/12/10 23:13 en respuesta a stumpy.
Sorry, can't really help to cheer you up with some terrible story. I'm sitting at home, with all comforts and a glass of wine next to me. The only minor bit is that it's getting cold here because the central heater does not know about holidays and thinks it's way past bedtime.
Of course I could change that, if I weren't too lazy to get up emoticon

I hope your trip goes well tomorrow and that you'll have a great Christmas with your family!


RE: Europe's weather related hell...
22/12/10 1:11 en respuesta a stumpy.
First of all, yes, I know snowstorm Monika is old news, but I thought it will make you feel (at least a little bit) better, sitting in your warm hotel room emoticon
Picture this: 30 cm of snow in one night, wind speed 25 m/s.
Result: about 600 people needed to be rescued, most of them were waiting in their cars from 8 pm to 6 pm next day (it’s almost 24 hours!) with no significant food or water supply. Luckily, there was also a truck-like (I really don’t know the right word!) “car” heading to Finland, that was stuck in that 40 km long queue, full of cold snacks and drinks for some kind of party. Sorry fins, hungry estonians ate it all! LOL
To be completely honest, it wasn’t actually THAT bad. Rescue teams were there, sharing food and even gasoline, to keep the cars running and warm. It just took awfully lot of time to clean the road(s) from all that snow. And those who didn’t want to wait in the cars, were evacuated.
In the first picture, there should be a road where the cars are. A first class road, #1 road in Estonia! And the second picture.. well.. you can see what a mess it was.
Feeling better?
I will join Jelga in her wish and I am too hoping your trip goes well tomorrow and that you'll have a great Christmas with your family!


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RE: Europe's weather related hell...
23/12/10 8:37 en respuesta a stumpy.
For those who are wondering.. I got home yesterday!

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