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Griddlers 3D
8/08/10 16:12
Hi all,

When on holidays I always play games on my Nintendo DS. this year I bought myself a new game called Picross 3D.

A wonderful game were you had to solve a three dimensional griddlers by removing blocks and moving the object with your stylus. When playing the game I thought how nice it should be to go 3D on the griddlers web site.

I don't know whether it is possible to make something like that.

A simplified alternative could be to have a multigriddler that has it pieces stacked instead of side by side. e.g. when you have 5 multi griddler pieces. of 5 X 5 then the total puzzle space would be a cube of 25 pieces ( 5 X 5 x 5)

Let me know whether you like the idea or not.



RE: Griddlers 3D
5/12/12 16:39 en respuesta a troefboer.
Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but I was thinking of creating such an application and was wondering if there would be interest from the Griddlers community in playing 3D griddlers and also if anybody knows of such an application that already exists.

RE: Griddlers 3D
6/12/12 4:38 en respuesta a roylaza.
I have played picross 3D but didn't like it because the time limits were too short. I barely had enough time to look at the puzzle. There wasn't enough time to think of the solution.

As far as creating an application, the only thing I can say is please don't put time limits on it.

RE: Griddlers 3D
6/12/12 9:10 en respuesta a bejjinks.
I don't like time limits as well so no problem there emoticon
At this point though I'm trying to find out how many people would be interested before I commit to it

RE: Griddlers 3D
7/12/12 5:03 en respuesta a roylaza.
I would be interested then. Picross 3D is interesting.

RE: Griddlers 3D
28/09/13 0:51 en respuesta a bejjinks.
Griddlers or triddler in 3D sounds like a great idea. The problem is how to handle all that information about colors, and coordinates. Some triddlers give a very nice perspective view on images that look 3D being 2D but it would be nice to create something that can be rotated.

RE: Griddlers 3D
1/10/13 14:53 en respuesta a troefboer.
Hi guys, 

if you like Griddlers, you can try my version of Griddlers 3D for Windows Phone, more at

hx emoticon

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