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igridd installation offline?

igridd installation offline?
6/02/12 20:03
Hi there,
I would like to install igridd on a computer that doesn't have any internet connection.
For the moment I installed it on my computer that has a connection but I would like to be able to transfer the puzzles downloaded to the one with no connection available.
I tried by copying the .igridd folder and launched igridd.jnlp but apparently igridd needs to download a few .jar files.
Is it possible to get an installation pack containing every files needed to run igridd?
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RE: igridd installation offline?
8/02/12 5:57 en respuesta a buzuc ..
As you could find yourself, it isn't just a copy/paste matter. In fact, there is a lot of work involved in this request, therefore we take into consideration priorities, website resource cost, and time of work.

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