Error in Puzzle

More skyscrapers with multiple solutions - 2108,2109,2110

I haven't saved any screenshots, but these three had multiple solutions.
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RE: More skyscrapers with multiple solutions - 2108,2109,2110
1/01/13 10:11 en respuesta a Lowan Falcke.
Thanks for letting us know. It's hard to work blindly but we'll manage. In case you are right and we find that the puzzles (1 or 2 or 3 or all) have multiply solutions we will remove them and recalculate the scores for everyone.

Apologies again, though I must say it is strange because the puzzles were published on October 2011, more than a year ago. A lot of users already solved those puzzles and nobody said anything for 15 month (!). It doesn't mean that you are wrong. As I wrote above - we are going to check it.

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