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Puzzles do not load; error message

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Puzzles do not load; error message
17/01/13 8:48
I have the newest versions of Firefox and Java, and whenever I try to load a puzzle, I get the following error:

java.netSocketException: Address family not supported by protocol family: connect

Not sure how to fix this. I've tried deleting and reinstalling Java and clearing my cache -- no dice. Also, I have to allow that run pop-up for each new puzzle that I open, even when I have the checkbox ticked.

RE: Puzzles do not load; error message
17/01/13 9:03 en respuesta a alavda.
Copy the error message you get and paste it in Google. You'll get several suggestions to fix it.

Other users who get private errors, like the one alavda describes, can do the same: copy the error, use Google to find suggestions for fixing.


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