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Going with the flow
15.10.2007 20:04
So, I gave in to my Griddler addiction because my griddling finger was feeling better, but I got sucked into some big involved, difficult puzzles that I didn't have the patience to linger over with my still tender tiddie. So I started just solving willy-nilly, comparing the clues, doing basically multi-line solving, but not waiting for the logic to give me a unique answer. In other words, educated guessing (but from the clues, mostly, not the picture).

Seems to work emoticon The mistakes were from reading errors (i.e., getting the clue from the wrong column, or looking at the wrong clue on the list (I only X them out on very confusing puzzles). In other words, there were mistakes, but just booboos, not logic errors.

I was totally blown away! This takes wholistic solving to a whole new level! There must be some higher level griddling area of the brain which can solve hard puzzles without consciously reasoning! Way cool! Kinda freaky! And fun!

First requirement is being an addict, however. But if you're feeling restless or something, and you've solved a whole bunch of Griddlers, try just charging ahead. It's a hoot!

Re: Going with the flow
18.10.2007 20:19 vastauksena glllop:aan.
yeah I do that alot too, sometimes even on the medium sized ones

RE: Going with the flow
8.8.2008 18:30 vastauksena glllop:aan.
Yeah, I do that from time to time. It seems to work best for puzzles with clear outlines. (well I suppose that's a little different from what you do since you say it's mostly from the clues, not the picture) You can even solve some of the toughest puzzles this way.

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