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5 color griddling
29.7.2008 5:00
I'd like to share my method for solving 5 color griddlers. You can also use it for 6-8 color griddlers, but it works almost perfectly for 5 colors. I start of by choosing a primary and secondary color, and the other 2(more if it's 6-8 colors) are tertiary colors. I color the whole grid white, and then start from there. To indicate a square cannot be the primary color, I use a x mark. To indicate a square cannot be the secondary color, I use a circle mark (I use both an x and an o to indicate it may not be a primary or secondary color-- this only works in igridd). A white square indicates that it may be either of the 2 tertiary colors(could be 2 or more of the tertiary colors for 6-8 color griddlers). A square that is colored with one of the tertiary colors indicates that it may be that color, but not the other one. To indicate that a square is definitely background, I use a question mark square with an x and o. The main problem with this is that you can't tell the difference between a square that is definitely one of the tertiary colors and one that could be either that color or background. Anyone have any other methods that work for 5 color griddlers?

RE: 5 color griddling
30.7.2008 7:34 vastauksena xitvono:aan.
Anyone has any other methods that work for 5 color griddlers?

Not 5 color, but still - excellent tips for solving color griddlers are listed in Marathon Griddler Solving Techniques thread. Look at gte206w post. He sums them all.


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