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charmed square
8.8.2008 19:15
I've decided I'm going to come up with a name for a particular kind of deduction. A charmed square is one that can be 2 or more colors and may not be the background color. A proper charmed square is a charmed square that can be used to make a deduction somewhere else in the row or column. Does anyone have any experiences with these? I know of one for sure in fawn, where you absolutely must make this deduction in order to solve using single line solving. I believe there are a couple of these in spits fire(the middle section)

RE: charmed square
18.8.2008 4:45 vastauksena xitvono:aan.
Sigh. I don't have the patience for Fawn. I love 8 color puzzles (though I have to be fully awake to work on Miss Tress). emoticon I've found "charmed squares" before, but never really noticed them beyond the basic eureka of it all. Thanks for the tip!!! If I ever decide to set myself down and do Fawn I'll keep it in mind emoticon

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