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A very basic question

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A very basic question
6.9.2008 20:51
So I am brand new at these griddlers (as you'll be able to tell when you read my question!). Everywhere I read, it says, if you have numbers totaling more then 1/2 the available blocks, you can fill in some blocks. However, I need some further clarification. For example on a 15 block grid, 2,3,3 going from left to right and right to left, does not guarantee a covered block although there is overlap. Can someone clarify, when there is overlap in both directions how to confirm its a colored block? Thanks in advance for your time (for a novice...)

RE: A very basic question
6.9.2008 20:55 vastauksena kathleenpq:aan.
The "totaling more then 1/2 the available blocks" is usually valid for one block, or several long enough blocks to overlap. Your example (2,3,3) has too short blocks to overlap 15 squares.

You can visit our Tutorial page and start with the simple example (Example 1). Then - look at Example 3: Multi Line Solving, and further - Example 4 and 5: Complex Logic a and b.

Good luck!

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