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Feeling soooo slow! >.<;

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Feeling soooo slow! >.<;
24.10.2008 19:44
Heh... I've been doing griddlers for a little while now. I've read the differnt techniques for solving, and have been doing fairly good so far. I haven't been able to tackle some of the much bigger griddlers yet, but I'm working my way to it. But one of my biggest let downs while solving them is finding out how utterly high my solving time is compared to the mid time. I hate to admit this, but every puzzle I've solved so far taikes 3 to 4 times longer than the mid time. I use all the techniques. I think I'm moving at a good pace. I just don't understand why I'm doing it so slow compared to everyone else. Is there some technique that just makes them solve easier? I really don't know. IT's really quite agrivating to say the least. I really just wanna know if there's something I might be missing. I'm using all the techniques shown on this website. So... what am I missing? ^_^;;

RE: Feeling soooo slow! >.<;
24.10.2008 22:36 vastauksena kovusan:aan.
Hi Kovusan,

Don't get disencouraged by the mid-time! Just remember that half of the people who solved this puzzle needed more time than the midtime to solve the puzzle. And remember your wise words you wrote not too long ago as an advise [color=]from a newby to a newby. It's still true, the only way to become faster is to practise! But even after solving about 6000 of mostly hard puzzles I sometimes need much more than the average time. I've stopped worrying about it. For a time I used to save the puzzle at the moment I got stuck and would go back to the saved puzzle after I knew how to continue, now I prefer to see how long it really took me to solve it.

Use the mid-time just as an indication how hard the puzzle will be and enjoy solving it!


RE: Feeling soooo slow! >.<;
26.10.2008 17:55 vastauksena kovusan:aan.
Mid times are much more a guide to the difficulty of a puzzle than a "measure".

Something that helped me reduce my solving time on some puzzles was to think more about how much background colour I filled in. There are times when filling in background really helps solving the rest of the puzzle, but there are other times it is not needed. Leaving it out then reduces solving time.

Using the tools to fill in areas rather than just individual cells is helpful. (Alt-Y in the original applet, the Area button at the top of igridd)

Reducing the number of times colours need to be changed also helps. In some puzzles it is possible to work out an outline in one colour for a section of the puzzle and then fill in the remaining area in a different colour.

When working on a puzzle with a long mid-solving time it is a good idea to have breaks in the solving (pause the puzzle first). That might be just a break of a few minutes, but it could be enough to then return to the puzzle refreshed.

RE: Feeling soooo slow! >.<;
12.11.2008 3:45 vastauksena kovusan:aan.
I've been doing these puzzles for a few years & no matter how hard I try, I never come close to the mid time. I stopped worrying about it a long time ago.

And color me happy...I never knew about the x's and o's or the alt y either! Thanks, guys! My eyes appreciate it!

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