Tips for Better Solving

Brand new here; just started yesterday.

I've read through all the logics and strategies... and I don't understand about 90% of it.

The overlapping counting technique doesn't always work... but its the only one I've seemed to relatively grasp. All the other techniques are like a foreign language. So when I try to do even a 15x15 b&w puzzle I'm stumped.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I feel incredibly dumb for not grasping onto techniques that don't seem to be that hard. (Especially when I hear of other newbies that understand the techniques completely.)

UGH! :evil:
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RE: Brand new here; just started yesterday.
15.1.2009 19:43 vastaus kirjoittajalle Ashlee.
Firstly, welcome to the site! I'm sure you will enjoy it very much, once you've grasped the idea.
You've read all the solving techniques, but did you find the page with the basic explanation? Have a look at this page. And make sure to start with some really easy puzzles. Start with minimalism puzzles, even 15x15's can be quite complicated sometimes.

Once you've solved some mini's (and pondered about the images), try some easy larger ones. The best way to know in advance if a puzzle will be easy or not is the mid-time. Stick to puzzles that are solvable within 5 minutes.

If you are stuck with one specific puzzle, we've got the 'get help in solving' section here in the forum. Don't hesitate to use it, even for puzzles that seem to be easy to most. It's the best way for us to show you how to solve a puzzle.

Have fun solving!

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RE: Brand new here; just started yesterday.
16.1.2009 13:53 vastaus kirjoittajalle Ashlee.
Welcome, apox006. This site is not only a site for griddlers, it is a community of people from around the world. We may not have met each other, but we know about weddings, births, graduations and vacations. It's a lot of fun and you will absolutely love it.
Keep working on the puzzles. It took my daughter about three months to teach me how to do it. I would get so frustrated in the beginning. But now, of course, I'm addicted. It's a good addiction - have fun with it.
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RE: Brand new here; just started yesterday.
19.1.2009 23:46 vastaus kirjoittajalle Terry Lee Mitchell.
Thanks you guys!

Over the past few days I've seen myself become more confident and get a little bit better. I'm still not the fastest solver out there, or probably the most strategic... but I'm getting them solved and having a lot of fun too!

Thanks for the replies! emoticon
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