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Where is refresh & other aids?

Where is refresh & other aids?
18.2.2009 21:33
Mac 10.3.9. Firefox.
I see no way to start a puzzle over again.
No way to put back gray squares.
Thanks. ll
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RE: Where is refresh & other aids?
18.2.2009 21:41 vastaus kirjoittajalle Bruce E Burnham.
The usual way to remove a clue is to use the middle mouse button. That might be a problem with the Mac mouses. Another way is to select the background color from the list with colors at the left side of the puzzle. Click on the top one (it has the ? in it) or press 0 on the keyboard and you can place the background like all colors.

If you want to restart the whole puzzle, just close it without saving. If you did save it, you can delete the saved file after closing the puzzle and start over again.

I hope this helps!

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