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Help with Multigriddlers please

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Help with Multigriddlers please
15.3.2009 14:08

I'm quite new and need help with multigriddlers.

As an example I try puzzle id: 15958.

The puzzle's size is 45/50 and next to it there is a big square divided to 4 squares, 2 horizontal and 2 vertical.

The top left square is filled with Grey.

What does that mean?

45 does not divide by 2, so I don't really understand the help part of multigriddlers where they say multigriddlers are common griddlers bundled together. How do I know where each 'common' griddler starts and ends?

I hope someone can understand my question.... :?

Thank you

RE: Help with Multigriddlers please
15.3.2009 15:00 vastauksena Cgull:aan.
Welcome to the site, Cgull! :-)

MultiGriddler has several puzzles. Each puzzle is a part of a big image. After solving all parts - you'll see the whole image.

In your example (ID 15958 - Bob Marley) the multi has 4 parts. The top left square is gray, to indicate the selected part. If you click on the empty squares (top right, or the two at the bottom) - they'll become gray. Note, that when you click on a square the info on the left is changed too: ID, Points, No. of Solvers, etc.

45x50 is the selected part size. In 15958 all parts have the same size (45x50). The complete image is 90x100.

There are multigriddlers of 2, 3, 4, ... , 60, 80, and 100 parts.

Enjoy solving!

RE: Help with Multigriddlers please
15.3.2009 15:18 vastauksena hagitm:aan.
Thank you Hagit, that was very clear, now I understand emoticon

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