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Change color of ? boxes?

Change color of ? boxes?
16.9.2009 0:07
Hello! I'm fairly new - I've been signed up on the site for ages, but don't often do the puzzles, but I just started doing some more picross puzzles on some other sites, and longing for Gridlers again! emoticon

Here's my question - the dark grey of the question mark (?) boxes is hard to see around and I have issues with it. I saw in the help file how to change the colors of just about everything else (all the colors, the grids, the background, etc.), but I didn't see anything about how to change the ?'s! Is there a way? I didn't find a forum search feature, so I just skimmed the categories and didn't see anything. I'd appreciate any help. emoticon

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RE: Change color of ? boxes?
17.9.2009 9:15 vastaus kirjoittajalle ktesedale.
This option is available in iGridd applet. You can read how to do it in the Help page, under the Palette Panel paragraph:

Solving Area Color:
If you want to change the color of the solving area - Double Click on the number [ 0 ] in the Palette Panel.
The system sets this color to be your preference for all the puzzles. Use the Reset Colors (under the View menu) to go back to the system's default color.

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