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Help with Triddlers on a Mac

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Help with Triddlers on a Mac
10.9.2009 2:47
I am trying to open triddlers on a mac with both Firefox and Safari and when I try and open a puzzle it just opens a blue page. Help please I really want to play! Thanks

RE: Help with Triddlers on a Mac
10.9.2009 21:12 vastauksena akillen:aan.
Triddlers and Mac are no big friends I'm afraid. It depends on the Java and OS versions you have if you can make it work. Try Opera, it seems to like Java more than the other browsers do.


RE: Help with Triddlers on a Mac
14.11.2010 21:57 vastauksena Jeltje:aan.
I'm using 10.4.11 with the latest Safari. I just started doing Triddlers in iGridd, and note that there is no save button, and clues greater than one digit long do not show completely. It seems that if I see a clue as an out of focus "0", it means the clue is a 10.

Will it work any better when I upgrade to 10.5?

RE: Help with Triddlers on a Mac
28.1.2011 17:24 vastauksena logiclover:aan.
i`m using mac os X 10.6 and igridd too.
good news there is a save and pause possibility.
bad news: clues with numbers >9 still don`t show correctly. and using the zoom don`t change it.
but it`s possible to solve even the hard ones. i count out the unreadable clues by filling in triangles until the green light shows up.... not very confortable but doable and the great pics are wort the effort....

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