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Can't solve any griddlers - Java problems?

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I'm using Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Safari 5.1.2.
Since Safari 5.1 was installed on my mac, I can't solve any griddler anymore!
I search the internet for solutions, but I didn't find one yet.
Maybe someone here has the same problem?

I think it's a problem with java?

Thanks for your reply!

RE: Can't solve any griddlers - Java problems?
6.12.2011 14:28 vastauksena NSpruyt:aan.
Hi, yes, it could be Java problem. It is possible to install Java from apple here http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1360 .
Though I am not sure if it will work for 10.6.8 .

Also look at Safari->Preferences , tab Security if the Java is enabled.


RE: Can't solve any griddlers - Java problems?
24.5.2012 12:19 vastauksena Ra100:aan.
Months later I still can't solve any puzzle on my MAC!!!!
I installed other browsers, firefox, mozilla, google chrome, ....
Nothing is working.


RE: Can't solve any griddlers - Java problems?
14.7.2012 20:52 vastauksena NSpruyt:aan.
I had the same problem.

Go to your Safari preferences -> security and make sure that Java script / Java is enabled.

Hope you get the problem solved.

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