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Puzzles with triangles
17.2.2009 16:25
I know griddlers from about 6 years and I noticed that triangles in puzzles are very rare. On this site triangles are just like other colour in puzzle (It has a clue, which indicates a group of contiguous triangles). When I was first (or maybe second) time in Slovakia I noticed there are a lot of griddlers magazines (Malovane Krizovky in Slovak), some of them were with triangles, but the triangles on it weren't just another color in puzzles but part of clues. These triangles griddlers were only b&w, and most of them were quite easy.
Here You can read more about "Trojuholníkové maľované krížovky":
http://stach.blog.sme.sk/c/142943/Trojuholnikove-malovane-krizovky.html (i know it's not in English, but I think images are enough to understand it)
Two years ago my friends were going to Slovakia, so I told them to buy Trojuholníkové maľované krížovky for me. A friend who bought it took an interest of it, and he began to like solving them too. Recently he told me (he's IT programmer) it would be nice if there would be a program converting drawn image into puzzle to print. I also liked an idea, so I made an applet in Java. Here is an effort.
It is completely unprofessional and slow applet, and I'm Very Beginner in Java.
Have fun!

RE: Puzzles with triangles
18.2.2009 5:07 vastauksena Oskar:aan.
Just recently I had a discussion with my mother in law ( MIL-itary ) about this triangels in slovak magazines. I am trying to convince her that all they are wrong a this site is correct.

For all of you who don't understand what is the problem, here is the picture from article mentioned above:

The Java applet : it is nice try, when I wrote my first griddlers program in Delphi it worked like this. And yes, the triangles are implemented in traditional Slovak way.

RE: Puzzles with triangles
18.2.2009 7:26 vastauksena Ra100:aan.
I am trying to convince her that all they are wrong a this site is correct.

IMO there are no "wrong" and "correct" puzzles. They're just different. Have you ever seen triangles puzzles on any other site? Or have you seen puzzles with "triangles as colours" in any magazine?

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