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14.3.2010 9:31
Someone can explain me how it's possible to solve griddlers for 9.634.351.958 points (!) in 14 days???? emoticon

Greetings to all solvers from Italy!

RE: points
14.3.2010 9:49 vastauksena hugo_k:aan.
You may find the answer to your question in the Top Griddlers solvers query thread.


RE: points
21.3.2010 14:57 vastauksena hugo_k:aan.
Someone can explain me how it's possible to solve griddlers for 9.634.351.958 points (!) in 14 days???? emoticon

I'm guessing you are referring to my score in the current month.

Actually, I was on the verge of having completed every 2-colored large multigriddlers (which were my favorite) and I had grown tired of solving griddlers by hand and how addictive and time-consuming it was for me. I never really got into multicolored griddlers, as I found changing colors a tedious process. On the other hand, I found it more and more challenging to try and make a program that would solve griddlers automatically. I was especially interested in what kinds of reasonings were needed to solve the highest-points scoring griddlers.

This is what I've done, and by improving this program several times, it reached a point where it can automatically solve and fill any griddler in a matter of minutes. That is what explains that very large score. I realize this is probably against the state of mind of most people solving griddlers here, and that is probably why it seems I can't log in to solve griddlers anymore.

Indeed, anyone here would probably argue that solving griddlers automatically takes away the fun of it, and they're absolutely right. But what really hooks me is my curiosity about the pictures submitted by the authors and watching them fill on their own is mesmerizing in a way, and much less time-consuming, and time really had become an issue for me.

I never meant to fool people into believing I was doing this by hand (it is really obvious it's impossible, anyway), that is why I'm making that post. I spent many hours (days !) on this site solving griddlers and I enjoyed it very much, as I'm sure everyone here does too.
So I'd like to thank the people behind this site for making it available for everyone. I'd really like to keep being able to solve griddlers as a subscribed member here, even if that means removing my stats from the rankings for overall fairness.

Anyhow, good solving everyone !

RE: points
21.3.2010 20:26 vastauksena kschoice:aan.
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