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Cannot get in-app purchase bundle!

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Cannot get in-app purchase bundle!
21.10.2011 12:00
I have the igridd for my iphone, have done all 60 of the puzzles it came with... and when I go to purchase a bundle, it gives me a message "you must purchase this app before you can purchase a bundle" along those tunes.

I don't know how else to get to the bundles, but I DESPERATELY want them...

Does anyone know what I need to do?

RE: Cannot get in-app purchase bundle!
21.10.2011 12:11 vastauksena DazA2J:aan.

I never seen this error message before. The bundles - sets of cca 100 puzzles are implemented through InAppStore.
Maybe you have changed your iTunes account after installing the application.

The possible solution is - uninstall iGridd( you loose all solved puzzles) and install it again from appStore.
As your friend to try it on their phones or iPad.


RE: Cannot get in-app purchase bundle!
22.10.2011 1:10 vastauksena Ra100:aan.
It was a good idea to uninstall and redo it. My friend had given me this phone when she upgraded last week.... so the griddlers I was trying to get under MY itunes account was actually registered under hers. So I uninstalled it and found it again and works beautifully emoticon
Thanks for the tip!

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