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Need help with my iPad

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Need help with my iPad
5.12.2011 22:26
I recently found Griddlers and absolutely LOVE IT!! I'm handicapped and can't get around much anymore so this has been wonderful. I sit for hours on end because of my disability and Griddlers has made the time so much more bearable. I just received an iPad from my husband for Christmas and I need help on how to use it to play Griddlers.

I'm not very "tech-y" so if someone with lots of patience could help me as to how to get it on my iPad and then play I would very much appreciate it.

I play the single puzzles but just love the multi small and medium puzzles best. I attempted a multi large one once and decided I wasn't experienced enough to go that big yet. emoticon

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and thanks Griddlers for a wonderful site.


RE: Need help with my iPad
6.12.2011 8:19 vastauksena Camchase:aan.
Hi ,

You just need to download from the app market igridd , It's free .

Best regards

RE: Need help with my iPad
6.12.2011 15:02 vastauksena totawben:aan.
Thank you. I'll try that.

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