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Macbook Desktop Icon
17.6.2012 14:19
I downloaded webstart and the icon appeared on my desktop.  Somehow it got deleted and is no longer in my trash.  I successfully open iGridd from the website but cannot drag the icon to stay on the desktop and it disappears from the dock when I close iGridd.  Do you know how I can get the icon to save to my desktop so I don't have to do the extra steps by going through the website every time I want to open iGridd?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

RE: Macbook Desktop Icon
17.6.2012 15:17 vastauksena kruzy:aan.
go to Applications->Utilities->Java Preferences.app .
On tab Network, click View Cache Files... , select iGridd and click button on toolbar "Install Icons.."


RE: Macbook Desktop Icon
17.6.2012 17:05 vastauksena Ra100:aan.
Thank you!!!  That did the trick.

I always get great support from this team!!

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